Tecnica del cuerpo {Quiebro - part 3}

Tecnica del cuerpo (Body Technique) - quiebro part 3 | www.flamencobites.com

In the 3rd instalment of our look at quiebro technique we are going to take a look at the forward position. That is to say that instead of the lowered shoulder rotating to the back we will send it forward.

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Take a look at the screen shot below ↓

The basic technique of the movement is the same, lift up through your centre to tilt the torso and rotate the shoulders. You will see this movement clearly in the video at the end of this post.

I found that when I was rotating the lowered shoulder forward I struggled a bit more with trying not to collapse at my waist (If you have a good eye you'll see it in the video) - remember that the movement is smaller than you think. When you add on the movement of the arms and head everything will seem much bigger.

The video below has 3 parts:

1. An exercise to help you find the quiebro position of the shoulders.

2. A basic braceo pattern, this time you will bring one arm down through the front of your body rather than opening straight out to the side as we did in part 2.

3. The braceo pattern and quiebro position combined.

We'll see you again soon with the next installment - we'll be showing you some marcaje that uses the quiebro patterns that we've learnt so far!

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