How is a flamenco dance shoe made? {Gallardo Dance}

How is a flamenco dance shoe made? |

When I was in Madrid at the end of last year I was extremely lucky to be able to have some custom flamenco dance shoes made for me from the renowned company Gallardo Dance.

Gallardo have four artisan shoemakers who work in the store (and the workshop just down the road) who craft each shoe by hand.

Tomás, one of the shoemakers, came out to measure my feet. He discussed with me (with the help of José) all of the concerns I had for my left foot which has been injured a few times and is now a very different size to my right foot. 

While we were in there I asked José if we might be able to film a little of the shoe making process for Flamenco Bites and before I knew it José had spoken with Maribel who manages the company and she agreed to give us a tour of the workshop and talk to us about the company.

We have two videos for you, the first is José's chat with Maribel and the second is our tour of the workshop and demonstration of the shoe construction.

The interview is in Spanish but we have added english subtitles for those of you who don't speak Spanish. To turn them on just click the small 'cc' button in the video control menu and choose the english language. The video menu will appear after you click to start the video playing.

We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at Gallardo!


If you are interested in finding out more about Gallardo shoes you can visit their website below or go and say hello the next time you are in Madrid!