We are all beginners


There is something that I would like to tell all new students of dance, and maybe some dancers who have been studying for a while...

We are all beginners.

Let me explain,

I think there is a journey that we all take, for some it takes longer but hopefully we all end up coming to the same realisation.

You start learning flamenco (or any dance style) and patiently learn all the basic technique.

Then as soon as you can, you progress to learning more complicated steps and longer combinations.

Maybe you will even learn a choreography that a teacher has given you. You dance the choreography with all your heart but, and I'm speaking for myself here, you have a nagging feeling that you are just not really hitting every movement as well as you think you could be.

You keep practicing and learn even more complicated steps! -  I know you've done it, I have too.

Eventually you will be lucky enough (if you are me) to meet a teacher who tells you the truth (thanks Jose!) and that truth is that you need to go back to the beginning.

Back to the very beginning.

If you don't have a Jose in your life, I'll be your Jose - > you need to go back to the beginning!

The very same steps that you learn when you start are the same steps that you should still be practicing 5 years or 10 years later. They are the foundation for everything else that you will do and they should be continually practiced.

In your first year you will be figuring out how to coordinate your body, as you go on you will try to find the rhythm, as you progress further you might look for musicality and after this there are many possibilities.

You get the idea, a golpe is never just a golpe, an arm out the the side is never just an arm out to the side.

Take the time in your practice to do more with less. Pick a simple step like this one or this one and see what you can find.