What is a llamada?

What is a llamada? -  www.flamencobites.com

Today we are going to take a look at the llamada.

The word llamada comes from the Spanish verb llamar - 'to call'. You can translate the word llamada to mean a 'call' in english. 

So who is doing the calling, who is being called and what are you trying to say when you call?

The person doing the calling is you the dancer and you are calling to the other people on the stage to indicate that something is about to change or happen. 

For example a one way to use a llamada would be to call in the singer to sing a verse of song.

A llamada has a specific rhythmic shape for each palo, as you keep practicing you will come to learn the different styles. 

Por Bulerías

Por Alegrías

Soleá por bulerías

and Soleá 

and finally here is a llamada por tangos

As well as being used to signal a change the llamada plays a part in the overall structure of the dance.

José often refers to the parabola of a choreography. How is the overall flow of the of the music, cante and dance presented to the audience? You don't want to present a dance that is just a whisper for 10 minutes nor something that shouts because it is impossible for the audience to assimilate what they are seeing and hearing.

A llamada could be a chance to conclude or to start something with a lot of energy or it could be used to continue (by reinforcing) the high energy that you have built up through out the dance. There are many possibilities only limited by your imagination.

A final thought for today...

What is more important, the step (simple or complicated) that you are doing or the energy and emotion (aire) of the movement?