What is aire?

Photo: Chantal Guevara (www.chantalguevara.com)

Photo: Chantal Guevara (www.chantalguevara.com)

Aire is a word often used in flamenco to describe the feeling or the character of a performance. I've always kind of known this but it wasn't until I was doing chatting with José this week that I actually heard a good definition. The truth is that it is hard to describe in words. 

Here is a clip from once of our webinars where I ask José if he can explain what aire actually is. 

This is just a small part of what turned out to be a great seminar.  We got to talk about everything from the technique of using traditional castanets in Spanish folkloric dance to the economic crisis in Spain and how it is affecting the arts.

And we've had some great feedback!

José is very expressive and it’s easy to sense the depth of his passion for all aspects of flamenco. I hope the audience turn-out and feedback will convince you to carry on with this very worthwhile effort. It’s a fantastic use of internet technology and I was very impressed by the overall quality of the audio & video transmission.
— Marlene (Maine, USA)
I just finished watching the workshop. Wonderful, very interesting. Thanks again for the opportunity I could not have otherwise. What a nice project!!!
— Mercedes (Costa Rica)