What should beginner flamenco dancers be listening to?


Something that we always say is that you need to make listening to flamenco a large part of your flamenco practice.

But where do you start and what are you supposed to listen to?

On one hand it doesn't really matter as long as it is flamenco. Your ears will start getting used to what you are hearing if you listen to something for long enough. If you connect to it, listen to it.

But if you are looking for a list we can give you a few ideas.

Beginner dancers in Spain start by learning Tanguillo de cádiz and Fandango de huelva. So with that in mind lets give you some flamenco within those two palos to listen to.

Tanguillo de Cádiz

Manolo Vargas - Placita Chica de Cadiz

Chano Lobato - Tanguillo de Cádiz

Pericon de Cádiz - Tanguillos

David Palomar - Como Gazparito

Fandango de huelva

Camarón - Dos Estrellas Relucientes

Paco Toronjo - Fandango de huelva

Dolores de Cordóba - Fandango de huelva

Manolo Caracol - Fandango de huelva