Why you need to learn to enjoy the work

Why you need to learn to enjoy the work | www.flamencobites.com

Last week during a live stream for our danza estudio Flamenco Bites members we got on the subject of how long it takes to learn a step.

I was demonstrating some variations on a marcaje por seguiriya that I had been working on in class with José and we wanted to demonstrate how one step could be adapted and changed in different ways to produce different effects.

The basic marcaje that we were working with I had been practicing for about 6 months.

Not 6 months continuously, but I had been practicing the step regularly for about 6 months.

It got us talking about how long it takes to put these things in our bodies.

El que mucho corre, pronto para

This is a saying that José shared in the live stream and I think it is very appropriate.

He who runs a lot, soon stops. 

If you try to race ahead without giving yourself time to do the work you need to do you will stop very quickly.

You'll get frustrated or fed-up because you never quite get the steps or worse, you might get injured.

Your brain and body need time to learn and coordinate the movements and embody the rhythms that you are trying to work in.

Marcaje por Fandango de Huelva

Hay que aprender a disfrutar el trabajo.

You need to learn to enjoy the work.

The majority of your time will be spent learning and working. If you don't learn to enjoy the process, your time practicing and your time in class won't be that much fun.

Once you can learn to put the frustrations aside, laugh a little and enjoy yourself you might find things start flowing a little easier.

We all have to go through a stage of being awkward and uncoordinated before we can bring it all together and express ourselves as beautiful flamenco dancers!