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What to do when your 'planta tacón tacón' is all tacón and not much planta

There are some footwork steps in flamenco dance that appear over and over again and can be used rhythmically in many different ways. Planta tacón tacón is one of those steps.

Let me clarify that I am referring to the step that is planta and tacón on the same foot and then the third tacón comes from the other foot being lifted up and back rather than when the foot stays connected to the floor.

This step is great because you can do it in place or you can use it to move around the floor. To move like that though you need very strong technique.

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Flamenco Footwork {Juego de golpe y tacón}

This is a little footwork exercise that I'd like to share because I find it particularly difficult : )

I thought it might be fun to share and see how you do with it.

This is not an exercise for beginners, it is more of an intermediate level but beginner dancers may like to have a go at doing this step at a slower speed.

The exercise is a for a 12 beat rhythm and is done in double time.

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Tecnica de pies {Planta, tacón y tobillo}

This is one of my favourite footwork exercises to do. 

We spend a lot of time thinking about the planta (ball) and tacón (heel) of the foot but we also need to think about the big joint that is just above the foot - the ankle (tobillo).

For accurate fast footwork you need to have both strength and mobility.

Strength we attain by working and exercising the muscles and the foot (legs and the rest of the body). 

Mobility which refers to the ability to move or be moved freely and easily, we get this by doing exercises that encourage the use of a range of motion that we need for the movements we want to do.

This exercise has a bit of both. 

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Escobilla por Alegrías - 4 different steps

The definition of the word escobilla is 'brush' and it gets its name from a particular step that is very famous for being used in the escobilla por alegrías.

This step of which there are many variations incorporates the brushing of the front of the foot across the floor away from and then back in towards the body.

We've got 4 variations for you. The first one is the easiest difficulty level and the last one is quite advanced. 

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Tecnica de Pies {Subida}

A 'subida' meaning 'ascent' is a step that is primarily known in flamenco dance as a tool to increase the speed of the dance. 

It also increases the volume of the footwork and the music played by the guitarist and increases the energy and intensity of the performance. 

It is generally followed by some form of desplante which is performed at the new speed, volume and intensity.

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