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Tecnica del cuerpo {Quiebro - part 2}

Continuing on from the first part of our look at quiebro today we are going to add some arm movements on the the posture that we learnt on the weekend.

Firstly I have to tell you, I am trying to improve my technique (with José's guidance and some experimentation) along with you so everything that we advise you to avoid you might see me struggle with in the videos. 

Please don't think you are alone in trying to figure everything out!

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Tecnica del cuerpo {Quiebro - part 1}

Today we are going to start talking about a specific technique for the body which is known as 'quiebro'. 'Quiebro' refers to 4 different diagonal and forward or backward tilted positions of the torso.

In this introduction we will look at how to achieve the backward tilted (rear shoulder lowered) positions to the left and right.

The quiebro technique in flamenco dance is derived from the technique of 'danza española' and 'escuela bolera' and is a very specific postural position. When using these postures in flamenco you can be a little bit looser with your interpretation.

However we believe that in order to dance to your best ability and also to make sure you don't incur any unnecessary injuries of the lower back we would like to teach you the danza española quiebro technique. 

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Técnica de los brazos {Arm Postions}

Flamenco makes use of many different arm positions mixed with variations in body alignment. To start with I would like to show you five basic positions for the arms which are based on the arm postions used in spanish dance.

During all of this work make sure that you keep good posture, figuring out where you need to be to have good alignment is different for everyone. I spend a lot of time thinking about posture in an effort to try to reduce injury, prolong my life and also to try to improve my dancing. It is an ongoing process of trying to gain awareness and then self correction. If you have never had someone like a physiotherapist, osteopath or qualified pilates instructor look at you body I highly recommend it. My aim is not for perfection but contiuous improvement, usually that means taking steps back before being able to go forward but I think that is just how life is and I'm ok with that.

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Técnica de las Manos

There are many ways to make beautiful shapes with the hands in flamenco and a lot of it is down to personal style and the physiology of your body.

The first element is the circling of the wrist. It is very important that you do this without moving the rest of the arm, the wrist movement is completely isolated. 

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