'Marcaje por Tangos'

for advanced beginner flamenco dancers

Learn three marcajes for tangos that will challenge your technique and coordination.

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What you’ll learn in this class

We'll review the compás (rhythmic pattern) of tangos as well as a basic palmas pattern.

You'll learn 3 different marcajes for tangos that challenge different aspects of technique and coordination.

You'll learn a simple llamada for tangos using a traditional rhythmic shape that you'll be able to practice at home.


"There was a free class 'Marcaje por Tangos'. One marcaje that I thought was easy, I couldn’t do. But the way Renae broke it down and explained, it was so clear and a few days later I was able to do it."

- Chie, Upstate New York


Disclaimer: This presentation is free. There will be a Free trial to our membership programme offered at the end. You do not have to purchase the program in order to get value out of this workshop. Please note that there is nothing about this workshop that will result in instant changes to your dancing. Everything takes time and energy and practice. The people who will see results are the people who put in the work!