Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance

A course for advanced beginner flamenco dancers who want to refine their technique, and discover how to dance with a flamenco singer and guitarist.


Does any of this sound familiar?


"I can't hear the rhythm"

You understand that flamenco is a rhythmic dance and that if you don't have control of the compás you aren't dancing 'flamenco'. Even though you try to listen you just don't feel connected to the rhythm.


"I have trouble remembering steps"

It takes you time to learn the movements and when you leave class (or your practice session) you can't remember what you did an hour later. You try to practice at home but you're never sure what to do.


"I'm not confident"

You’ve watched tutorials, followed all of the directions perfectly, but your dancing just doesn’t look like the flamenco that you see being performed. You’ve invested a lot of time to get it right, but it just isn’t working.