PDF Workbooks Accompany Every Class

Each class is fully documented in our PDF workbooks. Each step, each exercise along with extra hints and advice about how to get the most out of the course.

$100 value

Exclusive Student Only Facebook Group

Our facebook group is a place where you can find help and support from both José and Renae from Flamenco Bites and meet dancers from all over the work. Ask your questions, share your experiences, join our community of dancers!

$100 value

Music to Use for Your Practice

We've recorded some music for you that you can use for your practice at home. We have tracks that are compás only as well as a track that matches the choreography from José.


The Structure of the Choreography Explained

As you learn the choreography the structure of the dance is explained as it relates to the cante. We have everything documented for you so you can keep referring back as your work your way through the dance.

$50 value


English Translation of Flamenco Lyrics

So you you can gain an understanding of the theme of the cante we have translated the lyrics sung by La Charo into English for you.


We've broken down the cante against the compás

One of the reasons we love teaching fandango de huelva to beginner dancers is because the lyrics of the song match the compás in a clear structured way. To help you understand this connection we've mapped the lyrics over the compás to make it easier for you to follow along.