Here are a couple reasons why studying fundamental technique should be your top priority:

1.  As adult dancers coming to flamenco we often skip the basics and jump straight to learning choreographies without really understanding the movements that we are trying to do. In the end we hit a wall when we want to try and do more advanced movements because we just don't have the foundational strength and coordination that we need to succeed.

2.  In dance the body is the instrument for non-verbal communication. Through the discipline of technique study we work to develop a wide vocabulary of movement and kinaesthetic awareness which allows us greater freedom when it comes time to express ourselves when we dance.

No, there isn’t a “magic pill” you can take that will give you all the technique you need overnight. But by focusing your studies on the fundamentals (the most important elements not the easiest) you will develop the skills you need to express yourself and your passion for flamenco.